Brad Pitt Is Doing More World War Z Reshoots

The film adaptation of World War Z has apparently been organised with the same kind of scrambling chaos that you’d find in a horde of zombies going after the very last human being. What we mean by that appropriately-themed analogy is that this thing has proven itself to be a relentless mess from the very beginning, a project whose “difficult production” will be sure to go down with the likes of Jaws and Apocalypse Now, should it turn out to be as good as any of those.

Despite the fact that the trailer came out last week and we all breathed a sigh of relief that, phew, they actually got the damned thing finished, it’s been reported that Brad Pitt has returned to Merry Old England to shoot a bunch more footage. Which means that – to put it bluntly – even though World War Z officially wrapped and everyone went home and said, “yes, we’re done with it now”, it’s still not good enough. Throw it to the zombies, boys.

You can check out the pictures of Brad Pitt in England (and back in his World War Z getup) below:

What do you think? Holding out any hope for this one, despite the endlessly plagued production?

Source: CinemaBlend

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