Watch Brad Pitt Run In The First Trailer For World War Z

It’s arrived! Following on from the brief first look at footage of Marc Forster‘s World War Z earlier this week, now comes the first full length trailer.  The zombie apocalypse blockbuster adapted from the novel by Max Brooks, chronicles the worldwide devastation following an outbreak of the undead. Due to arrive next summer, the film has been plagued by a troublesome shoot, a new writer brought on to rewrite the ending and at one point, star of the flick, Brad Pitt even refused to talk to Forster.

This first trailer indicates somewhat the extent of production woes by the scant close up sightings of actual zombies. Could this be because they’re still being rendered, or was the intention of the trailer to display the athleticism of the cast? The opening sets up Pitt’s family dynamic as they’re stuck in traffic playing a game only to be distracted by a huge explosion which amps up the remainder of the preview into an extended track and field showcase.

Interspersed with all the running we’re granted glimpses of military bigwigs all massaging Pitt’s ego by insisting on his importance and oddly enough a gaggle of zombies who at a distance appear to be bus surfing. There’s a Roland Emmerich influence shrouding the grandiose scope of the film, which from this clip is attempting to emulate end-of-the-world blockbusters from summers gone by.

With considerable time before World War Z opens, it’s likely they’ll release another trailer. Let’s hope next time there’s at least one zombie groaning and munching on the limbs of an unfortunate. Until then, you can scope out the first trailer below.

What do you reckon to the World War Z trailer? Not enough jogging in it? Have your say in the comments below.

(Source: Twitch Film)