Brandon Lee Trends On Twitter Following Fatal On-Set Shooting Of Halyna Hutchins

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Following the tragic death of cinematographer Halyna Hutchins, who died in the hospital following injuries sustained in what appears to be a mishap involving a prop gun on the set of Rust in Santa Fe, New Mexico yesterday, people are remembering a famous actor who died under similar circumstances resulting from a movie set accident.

The prop gun was reportedly discharged by actor Alec Baldwin, hitting both Hutchins and director Joel Souza, who as of this writing has now been discharged from the Christus St. Vincent’s hospital after being treated for a reported injury to the shoulder, according to Independent.

While Hutchins was medevac’d to a hospital, reportedly undergoing treatment for an injury to her stomach, she ultimately died at the University of New Mexico Hospital.

Shannon Lee runs a Twitter account in honor of her late brother, Brandon Lee, who died at the age of 28 on the set of 1993’s The Crow after an actor fired a prop gun he believed to be loaded with blanks at the time actually contained a fragment of a dummy shell in its barrel. Lee died in the hospital following hours of surgery after the incident.

Shannon recently gave her condolences to those affected by the recent mishap, adding that “No one should ever be killed by a gun on a film set. Period.”

Brandon and Shannon are the children of martial arts innovator and movie star Bruce Lee.

Brandon Lee was also trending on Twitter today, with many other users remembering the late actor in the wake of this newest tragedy.

Guardians of the Galaxy director James Gunn even took to Twitter to emphasize the importance of following the new rules that were put in place since Brandon’s passing.

Journalist Mark Harris recounted covering Brandon’s death in the wake of this new tragedy as well.

Some users want more accountability from Hollywood in regards to safety protocols.


While others are calling it simply “a horrifying situation.”

Again, the issue of safeguards put in place after Brandon’s death is raised.

Rust has since understandably shut down production since the incident, with Santa Fe Sheriff’s Department continuing the investigation as to just what caused the oversight. Fans everywhere are remembering the cinematographer Halyna Hutchins in the meantime.