Brandon Routh’s Superman Meets Michael Keaton’s Batman In New DCEU Fan Art

Superman Returns

Brandon Routh’s Superman was an unfairly overlooked incarnation of the Man of Steel for a while there, but thankfully he got a second crack at the character in “Crisis on Infinite Earths,” which allowed him to play Kal-El again for the first time since 2006’s Superman Returns. Fans loved having him back in the cape and tights and have been calling for Warner Bros. to give him another shot in the role ever since, but could their prayers be answered in The Flash movie?

This awesome fan art imagines exactly that happening, and Routh himself is all for it. Artist Javier Sanchez shared the epic piece on Twitter and as you can see below, it features Ezra Miller’s Scarlet Speedster along with Michael Keaton’s Batman standing opposite Routh’s Supes in his “Crisis” Kingdom Come-style suit. The artwork came to the actor’s attention a few days ago, too, with the Legends of Tomorrow star responding, “it’s a fun image,” along with a winking emoji.

It’d be easy to start theorizing about what exactly Routh meant with this comment – does he know something we don’t? Is he trying to tell us something with that wink? – but that way lies madness. It really doesn’t seem that crazy, though, that he genuinely could come back as Clark Kent in The Flash. Keaton and Ben Affleck are two icons already confirmed to be returning, and there’s bound to many more legacy stars where they came from.

In any case, it definitely sounds like WB is taking a similar approach to “Crisis” with casting The Flash by reaching out to as many ex-DC stars as they can and seeing which ones bite. Given that Routh was unfairly booted off Legends last season, hopefully he’ll be interested in taking another trip into the DC universe.