Breaking Dawn Part 2 Posters Are Finally Revealed


Twilight fans have something to celebrate today as the official posters from Breaking Dawn Part 2 have finally arrived!

There have been very few glimpses into the last and upcoming instalment to The Twilight Saga as all we’ve really seen is an all too quick teaser trailer and two useless shots, one of both Edward and Bella together and one of Jacob brooding by himself.

While no full length trailer has been revealed as of yet, the anticipation for Breaking Dawn Part 2 continues to grow with every new piece of promotional material that is released.

The group is set to reunite at Comic Con so perhaps we’ll see some more substantial looks at the film then.

The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Part 2 hits theaters on November 16th and until then, check out the posters below to whet your appetite.


Source: MTV

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