Don’t Breathe Sequel Gets A Director And Official Title


Of all the horror-tinged sleeper hits to arrive in recent times (see: It, Get Out, Split, Happy Death Day), Don’t Breathe isn’t exactly one that you’d expect to get the sequel treatment.

Don’t get us wrong, Fede Alvarez’s taut, water-tight thriller was an absolute blast from start to finish, but the plot doesn’t really lend itself to a sequel on first glance. Not to mention that Alvarez has been pretty busy lately and hasn’t been able to commit to returning for another outing. At least, when it comes to directing.

But it seems a follow-up is still moving ahead and Discussing Film brings word tonight that Rodo Sayagues (who penned the first film) will be replacing Alvarez behind the camera as he gets ready to make his directorial debut on the pic, which is titled Don’t Breathe Again. Fede will still be involved, though, helping to write the script alongside Sayagues, and also returning is Stephen Lang as The Blind Man.

Don't Breathe

As far as plot details go, there’s not much to dig into, but Discussing Film claims it’ll pick up years after the initial home invasion, with Lang’s character now living in isolation. His peace is disturbed, though, when a group of “violent and mysterious people hold him accountable for his sins.”

Unfortunately, that’s all we’ve got to go on, but with production on Don’t Breathe 2 set to get underway in April, we imagine more will come to light soon. For now, though, fans can rest easy knowing that this thrilling little series is getting another outing and we can only hope it matches up to the stellar first movie, which was one of 2016’s most intense and enjoyable films.