Brendan Fraser rumored for ‘The Mummy 4’, but do we really want it?

The Mummy

When it comes to naming the most wholesome and beloved stars in the eyes of the online community, Brendan Fraser is right up there. The actor trends on a regular basis for no other reason than people absolutely love the guy, and he was even recently brought to the brink of tears after he was told that his fans continue to support him no matter what.

As fate would have it, Fraser’s career is now in the midst of a resurgence as his popularity continues to rise, and it’s not before time. The 52 year-old has Martin Scorsese’s Killers of the Flower Moon, Darren Aronofsky’s The Whale, HBO Max’s DC blockbuster Batgirl and black comedy Brothers in the pipeline, but could he return to his most iconic role?

Giant Freakin Robot claims that Fraser is wanted back as Rick O’Connell for a fourth installment in The Mummy franchise, and while people would no doubt lose their minds were it to happen, do we really want it? Of course, we should point out that there’s no information provided to substantiate or corroborate the report, so we’re in completely speculative territory.


It’s been thirteen years since Tomb of the Dragon Emperor, which was awful. Even The Mummy Returns was vastly inferior to its predecessor, and Fraser isn’t going to be the square-jawed action of yore hero were he to return. On top of that, the third installment recast Rachel Weisz as Evie and bumped Luke Ford’s Alex up to co-lead, both of which proved to be terrible decisions.

Nostalgia may be all the rage these days, but even Brendan Fraser wouldn’t be enough to guarantee that a fourth Mummy was worth the effort.