Brie Larson Still Doesn’t Know When Captain Marvel 2 Is Coming Out


Captain Marvel was a roaring success from both a critical and commercial perspective, certified fresh by review aggregators and romping away to another Marvel billion at the box office. I stress the word perspective, because there was a vocal if minor backlash against the film – one that Brie Larson was blissfully unaware of. Given its key numbers were firmly in the black though, one wouldn’t be surprised to hear that a sequel is already in development (and it is).

Slightly more surprising, however, is the fact no confirmed release date for a prospective Captain Marvel 2 has yet been confirmed, and Larson is no more the wiser than we are. In a recent interview with Variety, she simply responded “no” as to whether she had any knowledge as to when we might see her sophomore Marvel venture.

Indeed, even her general future seems undecided, going by her response:

“I don’t really know what job I’m going to do next, which is very exciting. I don’t even know what my life’s gonna be! And most of this year, you know, I had to do the press tour. But then the last half of the year, I’ve just been focusing way more on just doing what I want to do that’s completely outside of my job. I just feel like it’s been this incubation time. Whether it’s incubation because I’m developing projects, and also incubation myself, being, like: ‘OK, I’m going to be turning 30. I’ve been working a lot. I need to just like change it up and see what’s there for me — see who I am now. And which ways that I want to grow.'”

Using New Year’s resolution personal growth soundbite staples in an interview, eh? Not to complain, but I get enough of that on social media. Too harsh? Maybe, but actors have to fill their answers out with something, even if they’re bored, irritated or have nothing to say. Bottom line is, she don’t know, we don’t know and G don’t know, but it is going to happen, and yes, I made the same joke about Avatar 2.

Earlier I said the fact that we didn’t have a release yet was surprising, and that was superficially true given the turn-around time that Marvel’s smash hits usually follow. Iron Man, The Avengers, Spider-Man and even initially minor IPs like Captain America and Thor all got sequels and threequels within 3 years of debuting. Yet, I well-realize that Captain Marvel only had its theatrical run 9 months ago. Sure, Spider-Man was fast-tracked in that time, but as far as Marvel keeping to their precedented schedule goes, Captain Marvel 2 is still well within those limits.