Brie Larson Explains How Her Life Changed After Captain Marvel


Though it’s every adolescent’s dream to achieve some kind of stardom – that’s the callowness of youth for you – the truth is, being famous comes with demands. Brie Larson was making a name for herself as an accomplished actor in independent cinema over the past decade, culminating in an Oscar for her performance in 2017 drama Room. But landing the lead in Captain Marvel catapulted her from industry respect to global recognition.

Appearing on YouTube series Hot Ones (don’t ask me to explain), Larson was asked about her previously stated desire to maintain some anonymity as an actor, to which she gave this response:

“I would imagine that whenever I did that article like I wasn’t Captain Marvel,” Larson said. “It was like, there was a little bit more leeway between what it was that I was doing and I made the decision to be Captain Marvel and I knew what came with that and so, it’s been a really beautiful experience actually. I would imagine when I did that article if there had ever been a paparazzi photo it would’ve left me in a full-on panic attack because it felt so jarring and scary and exposing and now, like, honestly if I see a paparazzi I’m like ‘hi’ and they’re like ‘hi Brie’.”

“It’s just different for me now and I’ve found that whenever I’ve read an interview or a biography or watched a video with an artist that I love and they’re very candid and they’re flawed and I get to see their process, I feel like ‘oh my God oh my God yes, like I’m not the only one who feels like that,’ and I just started to realize that I was being too self preservational…is that a word? Self preservating, more than I needed to I suppose.”

It’d be quite the culture shock if you signed onto a Marvel movie ignorant of the implications doing so has on your private life. To be fair, it’d likely be a culture shock anyway unless you were already a star, but at least Larson appears to have been prepared.

It brings to mind comments from her Avengers co-star Chris Evans, who spoke a few weeks ago about dealing with the jump from the small time to the big time. Actors are only human, after all, much as the heroes we associate them with don’t seem to be.

Got any thoughts on Larson’s comments? Drop ‘em below. You may also have caught the news (in an admittedly expanded definition of the term) that she’s just started a YouTube channel. It’s heartening to know actors have been as strapped for things to do during the pandemic as the rest of us. I bought a guitar, that’s how strapped I’ve been. The sooner actors get back to acting and hacks like me stop murdering Led Zeppelin, the better. At this rate, even I’ll be screaming for the next Captain Marvel.