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Brie Larson Says Captain Marvel Can Move Planets In The MCU

We've already heard all about how powerful Captain Marvel will be, but Brie Larson's now revealed that she can actually move planets.

When asked to describe Captain Marvel‘s capabilities and, more specifically, how they’ll affect the Marvel Cinematic Universe, Infinity War co-writer Christopher Markus compared the incoming Carol Danvers to Captain America in that she’s a “rare kind of character, which is sort of a person who’s right and knows they’re right and doesn’t really want to hear it when you tell them they’re wrong.”

Strong, resolute, determined – all qualities one would associate with Brie Larson’s soon-to-be-introduced Avenger. But according to Kevin Feige, Captain Marvel is also going to be the “most powerful superhero” the studio’s ever brought us. The producer said as much the other month while chatting to Variety, explaining:

“You’re going to get the most powerful superhero we’ve ever introduced and what I think is one of the most unique and inspiring origin stories.”

But on a team that already includes the likes of Thor and the Hulk, can Carol Danvers really emerge as the strongest? Well, if recent comments from Larson are any indication, yes, she definitely can. Speaking to E! the other night, the actress dropped this little bombshell: “She’s so, so strong. She can move planets!” If true, then that would easily make Captain Marvel the most powerful hero in the MCU and one that could quite possibly put an end to Thanos.

Yes, the Mad Titan is still out there and the Avengers will need all the help they can get if they’re to finish him off and reverse his devastating actions from Infinity War. Thankfully, they’ll have the assistance of Carol, who Nick Fury paged at the last second before he was turned to dust. Whether or not she’ll be moving any planets in Avengers 4 remains to be seen, of course, but if one thing’s for certain, it’s that the Mad Titan better watch out!

Captain Marvel takes flight on March 8th, 2019 – three months before the grand release of the aforementioned Avengers 4. And if you’re wondering where Carol Danvers has been this entire time, we have a few theories of our own

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