Bruce Campbell Is Mister Sinister In Doctor Strange In The Multiverse Of Madness Fan Art


After months of whispers and rumors, Sam Raimi finally confirmed this past week that he’ll be returning to the Marvel universe to direct Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness. Of course, fans of the filmmaker behind the original Spider-Man trilogy can’t wait to see what Raimi does with the Sorcerer Supreme’s sequel, and there’s one thing we can safely bet he’ll put in the film: Bruce Campbell, his longtime collaborator who’s appeared in all of Raimi’s movies.

In fact, Campbell himself has already teased that he’ll be joining the MCU in a recent tweet. “Huh. Surely there must be SOME character to challenge the good Doctor,” the Evil Dead star wrote on Twitter. By the sounds of it, then, Campbell has his eye on a villainous role in Doctor Strange 2. But who, out of Marvel’s extensive rogues gallery, would the actor be best suited to?

Well, digital artist Boss Logic has decided Campbell would be a great choice for Mister Sinister, and you can check out his groovy artwork below:

You can’t argue with Boss Logic – Campbell definitely would be an inspired choice to play Sinister in the MCU. The only thing is that the villain is typically a foe of the X-Men, so if he was going to appear anywhere it would be in the upcoming mutant super-team’s reboot. There’s a lot of speculation that DS2 will set up future movies, though, so it’s feasible that a character like Sinister could pop up ahead of a bigger role in an X-Men film.

As for the antagonist most likely to challenge the good doctor in Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness, that has to be Nightmare, lord of the Dream Dimension, who’s all but confirmed to be the central villain of the sequel, which should allow for Raimi to bring a lot of PG-13 horror to the table. But could Campbell end up playing Nightmare instead? Crazier things have happened.