Bruce Willis Kicked Out Of Pharmacy After Refusing To Wear A Mask

Bruce Willis

Die Hard star Bruce Willis may have taken down the Gruber brothers, but it seems he’s met his match in a Rite Aid clerk. According to a report from Page Six, Willis was kicked out of a Los Angeles branch of the store after refusing to wear a mask while shopping. Compounding the situation is that he was pictured with a bandana around his neck, which would have sufficed as a mask and just makes him look like a giant baby about the whole thing.

All this comes against the background of Los Angeles descending into COVID-19 hell. LA County has reported over 12,000 deaths from the virus and there are tens of thousands of positive tests every day. With the city’s healthcare system at breaking point, things are looking grim. In one example of how serious it’s gotten, Disneyland is being turned into a large-scale vaccination center, which I guess still means it’s the happiest place in the world, but for a different reason.

But even if this weren’t happening, Willis would still be a dick here. As a Hollywood A-lister, he’s no doubt already procured his vaccine through various means, but he’s continuing to put the workers in the store at risk through breathing out of his potentially COVID-19-laden breath. On top of all that, you’d think the virus has a big silver lining for major celebrities, as with everyone wearing masks, they’re far less likely to be recognized in public.

In any case, right now you can see Bruce Willis in two absolutely terrible straight-to-VOD clunkers. Hard Kill is a cheapo action flick and Breach stars him as a grizzled outer space janitor battling some kind of parasitic force. After the “Die Hard is Back” battery ad, many are hoping for the return of John McClane for a sixth full outing, though now it seems that an appropriate title would be “Die Hard on a Ventilator.”