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Bruce Willis could be the catalyst for the cinematic A.I. apocalypse

A turn of events we definitely didn't see coming.

bruce willis deepfake commercial
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One of the biggest questions surrounding the future of the film industry revolves around the use of deepfakes, and whether computer-generated performances are a flash in the pan, or a worrying sign of things to come. In a highly unexpected twist of fate that’s reignited the debate all over again, none other than Bruce Willis could be the catalyst for the impending A.I. takeover of cinema.

After his aphasia diagnosis forced the Die Hard star to step away from his on-camera duties, tributes began pouring in to celebrate the career of an A-list superstar who racked up billions upon billions of box office dollars and starred in a raft of classics covering a multitude of genre bases. However, Willis himself had other ideas about riding off into the sunset.

It was recently revealed that the 67 year-old had become the first major Hollywood star to sign over the rights to their own likeness, with the action icon content to allow a “digital twin” to be created, implemented, and utilized in any number of projects covering film, television, video games, commercials, and whatever else anyone has in mind.

Sure enough, it didn’t take long for film fans to begin pondering whether or not the pixelated takeover of the entire acting profession is on the cards, with 2002’s sci-fi satire S1M0̸NE being invoked for good measure.

Thespians (or their estates in the case of the deceased) need to agree for their likeness to be reused or recreated otherwise it’s against the law, so Willis may have set a very curious precedent by giving whoever comes calling the okay to do whatever they see fit with his instantly-recognizable visage. There are strange times indeed, and we’re a little nervous to see where it goes from here.

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