Brutal Teaser Trailer For The Void Slithers Online


“There is a hell. This is worse.” Welcome to The Void, Jeremy Gillespie and Steven Kostanski’s indie horror flick that has today conjured up its first, truly unsettling teaser trailer.

Even for a 30 second promo, The Void crams in just enough bloodsoaked nightmare fuel to leave us wanting more, and if the footage shown evokes memories of John Carpenter, it should. Before blazing a trial of their own, Gillespie and Kostanski worked in design and VFX across such high-profile productions as Pacific Rim, RoboCop and the Hannibal TV series, and the creative duo are “committed to introducing audiences to a unique horror-mythology” with their latest project.

It follows a small town sheriff (Aaron Poole) who finds himself in over his head after escorting an unassuming stranger to the local hospital. From there, things go from weird to downright bizarre, and the teaser above crams in a shotgun blast of horrific imagery that looks to have been pulled from the deleted scenes of Event Horizon.

In favoring practical effects over CG, Gillespie and Kostanski also note that The Void will “combine the aesthetic attitude of modern horror cinema as it emerged in the 1970s with the splatter and sophisticated practical special effects that ruled the creature features of the 1980s and early ’90s.” A bold claim, no doubt, but this sizzle reel has certainly caught our attention.

The Void opens via select theaters on March 31st before slithering onto DVD and digital platforms on April 24th.


Encountering a blood-soaked man on a dark deserted road, a police officer rushes the victim to the local hospital. Soon the staff and patients are trapped by a terrifying, otherworldly threat and forced on a hellish voyage into the depths of the building to escape the nightmare. Shocking, haunting and boasting mind-blowing practical special effects, The Void is a new must-see horror event, starring Ellen Wong (Scott Pilgrim vs the World), Kathleen Munroe (Alphas), Aaron Poole (Forsaken) and Kenneth Welsh (The Aviator) and Daniel Fathers.