Bryan Cranston And James Franco Comedy Flick Why Him Casts Griffin Gluck



Fox comedy Why Him? has cast of its central characters today in Griffin Gluck, the up-and-comer best known for his roles across Back in the Game and teen musical dramedy Red Band Society.

Word comes by way of Deadline, who report that Gluck has joined a cast that already boasts both James Franco and Trumbo star Bryan Cranston in key roles. In essence, the John Hamburg-directed film centers on the bitter rivalry that spawns between the two leads when, after travelling across country to visit his daughter at college, Cranston’s mild-mannered patriarch is left competing for his daughter’s attention with Franco’s obnoxious and brash billionaire.

So far, so perfect casting. Cranston may have spent five seasons as the apex predator of Albuquerque, but the Emmy award-winning actor has honed his talents portraying the underdog dad in Malcom in the Middle, and Why Him? looks set to have him play a similarly clumsy, yet endearing part. Franco, on the other hand, has played the wealthy and sneering antagonist before so to speak in Rise of the Planet of the Apes.

As for newcomer Griffin Gluck, he’ll play the Cranston’s son Scotty Fleming, who will no doubt cause equal amount of headaches for Cranston and Franco’s characters if Why Him? plays to the beats of a classic family comedy. Co-written by Hamburg and Ian Helfer, the scribe responsible for Meet The Parents, Zoolander and I Love You, Man, production on the film is set to get underway next month ahead of a planned release in November of 2016.

Source: Deadpool

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