Bryan Cranston Wants To Join The Marvel Cinematic Universe As A Villain


Following his incredible run in Breaking Bad as Walter White, comic book fans inevitably started fantasy casting Bryan Cranston as pretty much any and every villain yet to find an actor to fill the role. The most popular suggestion, however, was Lex Luthor.

While he’s jokingly dismissed that in the past (mostly because he’s pretty sure people only named him as a favourite due to him already having done such a great job as one bald villain), there’s no denying that Cranston would be perfect for that role or any other he takes a fancy to in the superhero genre.

Funnily enough, however, it turns out that the actor doesn’t have his eye on the DC Extended Universe at all. Instead, like many other actors, he’s actually far more interested in joining the Marvel Cinematic Universe.


“You know what I’d like to do? I’d like to do some big superhero villain in some Marvel classic,” Cranston revealed in a recent interview to promote his latest movie Trumbo. Interestingly though, it doesn’t sound as if he has much of an interest in playing a character from the comic books; instead, he’d much prefer to put his own spin on an original bad guy. “Create one from scratch… I don’t know what I would do but it would be nasty,”  he teased.

Marvel Studios has certainly created some original villains (even if they’ve shared a name with an obscure character from the source material), and you have to believe they’d welcome someone like Cranston with open arms. With any luck, Kevin Feige has spotted these comments from him and is already working on it.