Bryan Cranston On Playing Zordon In The Power Rangers Movie


Fans the world over rejoiced at the news that Bryan Cranston would be returning to the world of Power Rangers for the upcoming Dean Israelite-directed reboot. The Breaking Bad star did some voice-over work in the original TV series, and will now portray the character of Zordon in this new big screen take.

In the Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers show, Zordon was an enemy of the villainous Rita Repulsa (Elizabeth Banks) and was responsible for assembling the Rangers, becoming a mentor to the young team of heroes. He was only ever seen in holographic form then, but we don’t know exactly how this new version will be portrayed.

One thing we do know thanks to this new interview with Cranston is that CGI will definitely be used to bring Zordon to life. The actor also revealed a few details on how the character fits into the story.

Yes, it’s motion capture and it’s a lot of CGI-work. The tenant of that storyline is that this a real person who is trapped in this etherworld and it becomes this in-the-wall so to speak of [the command center], He still has a heart and mind, but an agenda that he’s got to get these five Power Rangers to defend the earth or else everyone they know will be killed. So, it’s exciting.

Power Rangers is currently shooting and has a release date of March 24, 2017.