Awesome Avengers: Endgame BTS Pic Reunites Cap And Black Panther


On paper, Captain America and Black Panther have an awful lot in common.

Both characters are born leaders, and have experienced the horrors of war in their own unique ways. They’re also connected by the most precious resource of them all – Vibranium, which is infused into the fabric of T’Challa’s super-suit while also lining Cap’s iconic shield. So it came as no surprise when Infinity War reunited the two MCU champions, resulting in that epic fight scene in Wakanda where they’re essentially fighting back-to-back – until an overpowered Thor Odinson crash lands before their very eyes.

Fast forward to Avengers: Endgame, though, and it isn’t until the climactic battle that T’Challa and Steve Rogers are once again fighting on the same side. But once Black Panther and the forces of Wakanda wander through that portal, Endgame reaches a whole new level.

And below, you’ll find a behind-the-scenes snap of Cap and Black Panther that was initially shared via Chris Evans’ own personal Twitter feed.

There’s nothing particularly special about this image; perhaps more than anything else, it offers a glimpse behind the curtain of what is undoubtedly the most impressive (and ambitious!) Marvel Studios movie of the lot. And that’s really saying something, given last year delivered Avengers: Infinity War.

Its sequel, Endgame, has so far blazed a trail of its own at the global box office, amassing $2.3 billion in record time to become the second highest-grossing movie, well, ever – at the expense of Titanic, no less. Exactly how high Avengers: Endgame can climb will be told in time, but suddenly Avatar‘s historic $2.78 billion haul is no longer outside the realm of possibility. In fact, it’s well within reach, and could be surpassed in a matter of days.