New Set Photo From Upcoming Saw Reboot Teases First Day Of Production


Would you like to play a game?

Whether you’re ready or not for the games to begin, a brand new take on the Saw series is headed our way. The twist-heavy, Rube Goldberg-inspired franchise was once a staple of the torture porn sub-genre that ruled the mid-2000s, but its latest entry Jigsaw failed to make a killing at the box office a couple of years ago. Now, comedian Chris Rock is taking a crack at a ninth film, and director Darren Lynn Bousman has posted our first behind the scenes look to celebrate the start of its production.

First things first, “The Organ Donor” is an incredible working title and the logo looks just cheesy enough that I kind of wish it were the real subtitle of Saw 9. That being said, aside from the slate, this picture doesn’t offer much in the way of plot.

The script, penned by Jigsaw writers Pete Goldfinger and Josh Stolberg and based on a story idea from Rock, finds the comedian playing a police detective responsible for solving a series of grisly crimes. Max Minghella and Marisol Nichols will portray Rock’s partner and boss respectively, while Samuel L. Jackson, arguably the biggest actor to have ever been a part of the franchise, has been cast as Rock’s father. While the story has been kept up lock and key, I truly hope we’ll get to see Jackson bring all of his gravitas to a stupendously gory death scene.

If there’s one complaint I have so far, it’s the lack of information regarding the return of Tobin Bell‘s Jigsaw. The terminally ill trap maker has been dead for more Saw films than he’s been alive, but that hasn’t stopped him from judging others from beyond the grave. Bell has been the one consistent actor between all eight previous movies, so one would think that Rock wouldn’t slight him or his trademark puppet Billy any screen time.

I guess we’ll just have to wait and see what the comedian-turned-horror mastermind has in store when the ninth Saw installment hits theaters on October 23rd, 2020.