Bullet To The Head Unleashes First Action-Packed Trailer

Not to be shown up by veteran action superstar Arnold Schwarzenegger, who just had his trailer for The Last Stand released yesterday, Sylvester Stallone has retaliated with a look at his next ass-kicking role. Movie Hole is reporting the first official trailer for the Sly Stallone headed action thriller Bullet To The Head has been unleashed, Walter Hill’s first directorial effort since 2002.

In the film, Stallone will play a hitman named Jimmy Bobo, whose partner was recently murdered in cold blood.  Teaming up with a local cop, the duo set out to take down the man responsible for the violent crime, watching their situation spiral dangerously out of control.

Based off the trailer, Hill’s story seems like your typical revenge flick, using a familiar “unlikely partners” dyanmic.  You’re given everything you’d expect – Stallone beats a lot of people up while looking freakishly ripped, there are some questionable one liners, people shoot a lot of bullets, and there’s an epic axe fighting scene set up between Stallone and rival Jason Momoa.  Wait, come again?  Maybe there’s a lot more fun to be had than our trailer depicts?

I’m seriously hoping Bullet To The Head is a return to form for long time director Walter Hill. I love his classic beat em’ up The Warriors, and I’m hoping he can inject some of that same kooky life into what could very well be just another bland action rehash. He’s at least made a solid choice teaming up with the well-known Stallone, a match made in action buff heaven – I hope.

Bullet To The Head co-stars the already mentioned Jason Momoa along with Christian Slater, Sarah Shahi, and Sung Kang,  with a wide release scheduled for February 1st, 2013.

What do you guys think of the trailer?  Does Stallone have enough fight left in him to make Hill’s film a surprise hit?

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