Cable Creator Says Josh Brolin’s Really Excited For His Arc In X-Force


While Josh Brolin has gone on record saying that his performance in Deadpool 2 left some room for improvement, it looks like the planned X-Force movie could give the actor the chance he feels he needs to show us his peak version of a Cable portrayal.

Speaking at the San Diego Comic-Con, comic book writer Rob Liefeld relayed a message from Brolin that the Avengers: Infinity War star is pretty hyped for where the next film could take his character.

“When he’s sitting there next to me at a meal or when he hops in my car and goes, ‘Can you take me up the street to the gym?’ and I’m like, ‘Yeah, let’s go,’ he’s like, ‘I just want to tell you, I’m really excited about X-Force.”

While the Deadpool and Cable co-creator could’ve pressed Brolin further on what exactly he meant by his comment, he thought it best to take this promising sign for what it was.

“He said, ‘Rob, I’m really excited about my arc, I’m really excited about what my character goes.’ People then go, ‘What did he say?’ I don’t pry further. He just told me that he’s really excited about X-Force and he’s really excited about what his character does, and really excited about revisiting Cable, and he feels that Cable has a bigger arc. And that’s what I was told, and I didn’t dig any deeper, I’ll take him at his word.”

Of course, a potential spanner in the works is the Disney-Fox merger, which could lead to a rebooting of the X-Men universe, and Liefeld hopes that whatever the franchise’s new owners have planned for them won’t stop Brolin and the rest of the cast from making good on their potential.

“You can tell when someone is legitimately excited, and he is excited to revisit Cable alongside obviously Ryan and Zazie,” Liefeld said of Brolin. “And hopefully they can get it done and get welcomed into the kingdom, right, because it’s all about being welcomed into the kingdom now, it’s inevitable, the Mouse is coming.”

The future for the property is in an uncertain place right now, but while things are looking a little iffy for the other two X-Men releases that Fox has lined up, we can be pretty confident that X-Force will give this mutant franchise at least one more chance to shine before it all gets assimilated into the MCU.