New Deadpool 2 Set Photos Tease Cable’s Time Travelling


Soon after Josh Brolin (Avengers: Infinity War) landed the coveted gig of Cable, Deadpool 2 producer Hutch Parker (The Gifted) stressed that the addition of Nathan Summers, a time-traveling mercenary with a no-nonsense attitude to match, will have a profound impact on David Leitch’s 2018 sequel.

Much of that can be traced back to Cable’s ability to traverse through time on a whim, and the fact that Deadpool 2‘s hilarious teaser – coupled with that full-body unveiling of Brolin as the one-eyed rogue – included a Hope Summers Easter egg in plain sight has fueled speculation that the character’s adoptive daughter (AKA the mutant messiah) will factor into the story of Leitch’s follow-up in some shape or form.

The jury’s still out on that one, of course, but today, Just Jared has delivered a whole batch of new set photos that feature Cable in a mysterious, skin tight suit. It’s impossible to say what’s going on here, but already speculation has begun. The general consensus seems to be that this is a costume used for CGI and motion capture, leading many to think that the sequence being filmed has something to do with the character’s time travelling abilities.

Chalk that up as speculation for now, but either way, from a giant inflatable panda to an overturned military truck, it’s clear Deadpool 2 won’t skimp on blockbuster action sequences – hardly surprising, given it’s coming from the director that brought us John Wick and this year’s Cold War thriller, Atomic Blonde.

Further afield, 20th Century Fox has already begun formulating plans for its fabled X-Force movie, which Drew Goddard will write and direct. Both Deadpool and Cable – Ryan Reynolds and Josh Brolin, respectively – are expected to reprise their X-Men characters for the ensemble piece, along with Zazie Beetz as the elusive Domino.