A Giant Panda And An Overturned Military Vehicle Feature In Latest Deadpool 2 Set Videos


Downtown Vancouver continues to play host to Fox and David Leitch’s Deadpool 2, and the latest deluge of set videos are here to prove it.

First posted by YouTube user Charles Lamoureux (with a tip of the hat to Screen Rant), the video embedded below appears to showcase the dramatic ending of the film’s intense chase sequence, as you’ll see the hulking DMC military truck lying upside down. In typical fashion, Ryan Reynolds’ Merc is also perched on top of the crashed vehicle, and is seen waving to nearby crew members and fans before Julian Dennison’s newcomer enters the scene. Dressed in prison-like overalls, one would assume Dennison plays a mutant in the upcoming sequel, one imprisoned by a ruthless (and potentially governmental?) organization and transported across town against his will. But an attack on one mutant is an attack against them all.

Flanked by Domino (Zazie Beetz) and Cable (Infinity War‘s Josh Brolin), previous set pics have shown the Merc With a Mouth in pursuit of that aforementioned DMC truck. But this being a Deadpool movie and all, Reynolds’ foul-mouthed vigilante has been pictured riding a red Vespa on the streets of Vancouver. If nothing else, it’s further proof that this sequence – one that supposedly ends in dramatic fashion next to a giant inflatable panda – won’t be your average movie car chase.

Per YouTube:

But there’s still an air of tragedy hanging over the Deadpool 2 set following the sudden death of Joi “SJ” Harris, a skilled road racer who had been doubling for Zazie Beetz at the time of the accident. Subsequent reports have been fairly damning, and suggest that Harris’ death was completely avoidable. Fox has since deemed the incident itself to be a “freak accident, and is expected to include a tribute to Joi Harris in the sequel’s theatrical cut.

Deadpool 2 will be with us on June 1st, 2018 with Eddie Marsan in tow.