Another Round Of Deadpool 2 Set Videos Find Cable Leaping Into Action


Ready for your latest status report on Deadpool 2?

In what’s shaping up to be a very, very busy week for 20th Century Fox and David Leitch’s comic book sequel – the official unveiling of Cable, another round of set photos, and a frankly adorable close-up of Josh Brolin posing alongside a mini Merc – a number of videos have now surfaced online from the bustling streets of Vancouver, in which you’ll find Nathan Summers leaping into action, and the Merc With a Mouth in pursuit of an unknown enemy while riding a dinky red Vespa. Because Deadpool.

There’s also a more extensive look at that hulking military vehicle, which has been snaking through the city like an oversized cattle herder. Referred to as the Oshkosh in this particular news report, word is that it’s actually transporting a group of mutants against their will – hence the Merc’s efforts to save them. Keep an eye out for Cable’s stunt double, too, which hints that this particular chase sequence could become the first time that Ryan Reynolds and Josh Brolin’s respective characters share the screen together. Or, the first instance when they’re actually fighting side by side.

Emblazoned with the letters “DMC,” the oversized military vehicle has fuelled heated debate online, as ardent fans try to decipher the clues on display – not to mention identify the organization segregating mutants in the first place. Leave it to Deadpool, then, to undercut a fairly serious plot point by screeching through the streets of Vancouver on the back of a red Vespa.

Deadpool 2 is part of Fox’s mutant trifecta for the year of 2018 – the other two films being New Mutants and X-Men: Dark Phoenix – and we can hardly wait to see the Merc With a Mouth sharing the screen with both Domino and the time-traveling Cable. June 1st is the date for your diaries.