Action-Packed Set Snaps From Deadpool 2 Spell Double Trouble


The onslaught of Deadpool 2 content continues unabated.

If you haven’t already had your fix of candid set photos and leaked videos showcasing the Merc With a Mouth speeding through the streets – not to mention Josh Brolin’s Cable causing a ruckus – the Daily Mail has relayed the latest batch of snaps featuring Wade Wilson straddling a cute little Vespa. Dressed to the nines and sporting Deadpool‘s iconic katanas, there’s not an awful lot to go on here, but when you couple this latest info dump with the videos of a military truck hurtling through the streets of Vancouver, it’s clear that David Leitch and his stunt team are in the midst of orchestrating a fairly sizeable chase sequence.

Word is that that elongated vehicle, one that resembles a cattle herder with its multiple carriages, is actually transporting a handful of mutants against their will, which would go some ways to explaining why the Merc is in pursuit. Beyond that, and without any official plot details to call upon, it’s nigh on impossible to wean any concrete story details from the gallery below.

That being said, it’s another sneak peek into Leitch’s ongoing creative process, while only the most perceptive readers will be able to differentiate Ryan Reynolds from his stunt double. Full disclosure: we struggled. But can you separate one ‘Pool from another? Do let us know via the comments.

Deadpool 2 is booked in for release on June 1st, 2018, and until David Leitch’s sequel moves indoors to complete principal photography, you can readily expect another helping of set photos before the week is out. Perhaps we’ll clock eyes on a shot of the Merc, Domino (Zazie Beetz) and Cable all hanging out? Watch this space for more.

Source: Daily Mail

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