The Internet’s Trying To Cancel Megan Fox Over Fake Social Media Post

Megan Fox

Social media has never exactly been regarded as a place where facts are checked and information is carefully analyzed before any wild conclusions are made, which is something that Megan Fox has just discovered. In keeping with the crazy spread of misinformation that’s characterized Twitter on countless occasions, the Transformers star found herself being attacked online after a post that was deemed anti-mask went viral.

The post in question was almost immediately retweeted thousands of times, with the cancel culture brigade quickly jumping on board and blasting the actress for saying that the universe would protect her and her family from the risk of COVID-19 better than a mask would. The problem is, though, that the entire thing never happened, with Fox being targeted by the pearl-clutching mob of keyboard warriors based entirely on a Photoshop fake.

Megan Fox

Going to the effort of painstakingly creating something and posting it online specifically in the hopes that it would damage somebody else’s reputation is one thing entirely, but reams of social media users riding the bandwagon and hurling all sorts of abuse at the 34 year-old without even bothering to check where the information had come from, or taking a second to consider separating fact from fiction, is Twitter culture in a microcosm.

Of course, this isn’t the first time that Megan Fox has found herself in the crosshairs of cancel culture, after she publicly defended Michael Bay but still had to deal with backlash from people who decided that her own personal experience and opinions of working with the filmmaker were wrong. That pretty much sums up where we’re at as a society, where one fake image is enough to have an angry online mob descend on someone that literally hadn’t done a thing.