Concept Art For Captain America: Civil War Reveals An Inspired Take On Spidey


Perhaps more so than any other Marvel film before it, Captain America: Civil War will be remembered as the true stage-setter for Infinity War.

After all, this is the movie that thrust a wedge between Earth’s Mightiest Heroes, leading to the creation of Team Cap and Team Iron Man – not to mention that unforgettable airport brawl that essentially shook the MCU down to its very foundations.

And while the dust may have settled, the Avengers will still be feeling the effects of Civil War long into the release of Infinity War. Hell, Robert Downey Jr. has even hinted at another duel involving his Iron Man and Captain America, who vehemently disagreed over a contentious piece of legislation known as the Superhuman Registration Act.

It’s one that essentially formed the spine of Joe and Anthony Russo’s titanic crossover, so trust Spider-Man to bring some much-needed levity to Marvel’s Civil War. In fact, it signalled the MCU debut of Tom Holland’s wall-crawler, and below, you’ll see some alternate costume designs, courtesy of Ryan Meinerding:

Following up on his pieces for Thor: Ragnarok (Valkyrie here; bearded Hulk here), Meinerding has posted an early rendering of Spidey’s Civil War outfit, which takes more than a few design cues from Ben Reilly’s famous Scarlet Spider guise.

Via Instagram:

So because I can’t show any new artwork right now and apparently because everyone is digging the unused Valkyrie and unused Hulk hair styles, here is a unused Spider-Man design. This was done for Civil War, which seems forever ago now. This design pass is inspired by the Ben Reilly costume which was originally designed by the awesome @officialmarkbagleyart for the comics! It’s fun trying out different size spiders and playing with the web designs when I’m designing Spidey suits for the MCU.

And just think, in the years to come, Ryan Meinerding will be ready to share his contribution to Avengers: Infinity War – Peter Parker’s Iron Spider armor, perhaps? – and how cool is that? May 4th is the date for your diaries, folks.