Captain America: Civil War Tops Deadpool And Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Justice

Well, it’s official. Captain America: Civil War is now 2016’s highest grossing superhero film. Marvel’s Phase 3 flick is now sitting pretty at $940.8 million worldwide, putting it past both Deadpool ($762.4 million) and Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice ($868.8 million). Sure, we still have X-Men: Apocalypse and Doctor Strange in the pipeline as well, but realistically, neither of those films are going to gross more than Civil War.

In another successful weekend, the threequel generated $72.5 million domestically and $84.2 million overseas, adding another $156 million to its worldwide total. And, given all the extremely positive reviews and fantastic word of mouth, it doesn’t look like Cap’s box office business will be slowing down any time soon.


Its biggest threat would of course be Apocalypse, but given that the film is receiving a pretty mediocre response from critics right now, I don’t think the Avengers will have any trouble fending off the mutants. At least, not for a while.

Given how ambitious Captain America: Civil War is, and how well the Russo brothers were able to execute it all, it’s great to see the film performing so strongly. $940.8 is a fantastic number, especially given that it’s only been out for a few weeks, and we’re excited to see where it ends up at once all is said and done.