This VFX Breakdown For Captain America: Civil War Is All About The Film’s Grand Finale


Forget that world-famous airport battle; this VFX breakdown for Captain America: Civil War draws our attention to the film’s grand finale, in which Captain America, Bucky and a visibly wounded Iron Man duke it out in Siberia.

Coming to us by way of YouTube, the behind-the-scenes showcase plunges into the depths of HYRDA’s hidden facility, where it’s revealed that Sebastian Stan’s Winter Soldier was actually the one responsible for the death of Tony’s parents. And Cap knew about it all along. Ouch.

The subsequent showdown is a real feast for the eyes, and we’re pleased to report that today’s newly-unveiled VFX video helps spotlight the insane amount of legwork that went into Civil War‘s most impressive scene. It’s certainly the most impactful, as we see Captain America and Iron Man beat seven bells out of one another – keep your peepers peeled for the callback to The Avengers, too, where Stark fires his blaster into Cap’s shield – culminating in the moment when a bruised and battered Steve Rogers turns to Tony and says, “but he’s my friend.” To which Stark replies, “so was I…”

From a design standpoint, there’s also a surprising amount of practical sets – albeit with some greenscreens in the backdrop to add the chilling winds of Siberia – which is a creative strategy that Joe and Anthony Russo clearly carried over into Infinity War. And long may it continue.

But while Captain America: Civil War sowed the seeds of division among Earth’s Mightiest Heroes (and Tony and Cap, in particular), Marvel’s finest will need to bring their A-game if they are to defeat Thanos during Avengers 4. He’s only the most powerful being in the freaking universe, but it seems our heroes have an ace in the hole – Captain Marvel.