Captain America Fans Are Divided Over Chris Evans Returning To The MCU


Surprise! Chris Evans is reportedly in talks to return to the Marvel universe as Captain America. We all thought we’d seen the last of Steve Rogers in the MCU when Avengers: Endgame had the Sentinel of Liberty go back to the 1940s to spend his life with Peggy Carter – we even saw Old Man Steve hand his shield over to Sam Wilson in the present. Despite this, though, Deadline is reporting that Evans is closing in on a new deal to suit up again for one or two further movies.

Good news, right? Well, maybe. Marvel fans are actually pretty conflicted over the announcement. Of course, there’s a lot of excitement going around to see more of one of the most popular screen superheroes of all time, but Endgame was very much the final chapter of Steve’s story and some feel that it would be best if Marvel left the character alone. That being said, a lot of folks definitely still see the news in a positive light, as evidenced below.

Others are somewhat on the fence, but are feeling “cautiously optimistic.”

Meanwhile, some are confident that this a bad move and it would be best if Cap didn’t return.

But maybe we’re worrying about nothing and the story of the Steve we all know and love really is done. What if Evans is returning to play a different Cap from an alternate universe?

Evans signing up to play HYDRA Cap, or another alt-Steve from elsewhere in the multiverse, definitely feels like a solid possibility. We can probably trust that Marvel understands that the original Steve’s character arc is complete, so if the actor is back, then they must have something new up their sleeve. Plus, Deadline’s report confirmed that his renewed deal covers supporting roles, like Robert Downey Jr. in Spider-Man: Homecoming, and not, say, Captain America 4

What side are you taking on the idea of Chris Evans returning, though? Sound off with your opinions in the comments section.

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