Captain America: The First Avenger Easter Egg Discovered In Avengers: Infinity War


Now that the home video release of Avengers: Infinity War is here, we’re starting to unpack some of the many easily-missed details and easter eggs that we didn’t catch when seeing the movie on the big screen. For instance, which Infinity Stones Thanos used at which points, how Doctor Strange hid the Time Stone and a possible second nod to Captain Marvel.

But that’s not all, as one Redditer has now discovered a neat musical callback courtesy of composer Alan Silvestri. User @Thauron93 noticed that Silvestri reused his score from the moment when Steve Rogers and Peggy Carter part ways at the end of Captain America: The First Avenger for the scene in Infinity War when Tony Stark has a potentially final conversation with Pepper Potts.

Check out the two scenes in the gallery below:

This is a clever easter egg by Silvestri, as there are several similarities between the two moments. Both Cap and Iron Man are bravely embarking on heroic acts that might well get them killed and so have one last conversation with the woman they love. In both cases, each one also believes they won’t see their girlfriends again but neither is correct. Steve later reunites with an aged Peggy in Captain America: The Winter Soldier while we’re pretty sure Tony and Pepper will get together again in Avengers 4. And possibly marry and have a kid, as well.

There hasn’t been a lot of musical cohesion across the MCU so far, so this callback is a welcome one from Silvestri. The iconic composer known for his work on the likes of Back to the Future has scored three Marvel movies already – First Avenger, Infinity War and The Avengers – and each time has delivered a belter of a soundtrack. In fact, all three are probably in the top five MCU scores to date, so we’re looking forward to what he comes up with in the aforementioned Avengers 4.