Captain Marvel 2 May Introduce Us To The MCU’s Next Big Bad


Doctor Doom, might finally be about make his grand appearance in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Victor Von Doom has shown up before in the 2005 Fantastic Four movie, and after that, he tried to defeat the super-team once again in 2015’s Fantastic Four, but neither version managed to stick around due to the abysmal reception that the films were met with. But like they say, the third time’s the charm.

According to our sources – the same ones who told us Disney is developing National Treasure 3 and Han will return in Fast & Furious 9, both of which were correct – there are plans in place for Doctor Doom to appear in the next Captain Marvel pic. Apparently, he’ll start off on the side of the heroes as they attempt to stop an invasion. Except, Doom being Doom, he’ll double cross them – coming as a surprise to absolutely no one, except the aforementioned heroes – and ultimately wind up as a villain.

Not the main villain, mind you, but we do know that Marvel needs a new big bad and as such, this could be part of the move toward establishing the next major antagonists of the MCU, now that Thanos has met his powdery demise. After all, Galactus and Doctor Doom are the most likely candidates to earn that honor and while it’s unclear if this will be the latter’s first appearance in the franchise or he’ll show up somewhere else first, we’ve been told that right now, Marvel definitely plans to include him in the pic. Which means that Captain Marvel 2 might be the film that introduces us to the MCU’s next big bad.

But tell us, are you excited to see Doctor Doom join the ranks of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, or is there some other villain you’d much rather watch up on the big screen? Let us know in the comments section below.