Marvel Announces Summer 2022 Release Date For Captain Marvel 2

Captain Marvel

Marvel Studios has officially reshuffled its upcoming release schedule for the whole of Phase 4, with every single movie pushed back to the following film’s date due to the coronavirus pandemic holding up Black WidowAmongst this bad news, however, we’ve got a brand new entry on the slate, as Captain Marvel 2 has finally got a release date. Expect to see it blast into cinemas in summer 2022.

Of course, we’ve known for a couple of months now that a sequel to the smash hit 2019 origins story for Brie Larson’s Carol Danvers was on the way. In January, Megan O’Donnell was hired to write the script for the follow-up, with directors Ryan Fleck and Anna Boden not expected to return. Instead, the studio was noted to be on the hunt for a lone female filmmaker. We were told at the time that CM2 would drop sometime in 2022, and now we know exactly when.

Disney has handed Captain Marvel 2 the July 8th slot that year, making it one of the studio’s big summer releases. It’s currently unknown, though, whether it was originally intended to arrive in February 2022 instead and the Black Widow domino effect has caused it to be bumped over to the summer, leapfrogging Black Panther 2’s May release (which is the only one not affected by the rescheduling).

As of right now, Carol’s second solo outing is the final entry in Phase 4, with no more movies or TV shows officially slotted into the line-up at present, though obviously there are many more confirmed projects in the works. There is an additional October 2022 date locked in, however, so there’s clearly one more – a fourth – MCU film coming that year. This may well be the actual conclusion of the phase, whatever it is.

First up though is Black Widow, now arriving this November. While we sit tight and wait for Phase 4 to kick off, let us know how excited you are for Captain Marvel 2 in the usual place down below.