Captain Marvel Confirmed For Avengers 4, Won’t Be In Infinity War


While Avengers: Infinity War will definitely unite every hero introduced in the MCU to date, there has also been a lot of talk about it introducing a new face to the franchise, as well. Namely, Brie Larson’s Carol Danvers, who’s set to get her own solo outing in 2019’s Captain MarvelIt’s long been the expectation that the heroine would appear in at least a cameo in the upcoming event movie, but it turns out that that’s not the case.

The confusion came about when Screen Rant released a set report from last summer which dropped some pretty major evidence that Brie Larson was part of the film. It stated that the actress’ mailbox was seen alongside the rest that belonged to the stars of Infinity War. What’s more, when asked for his favourite costume in the pic, co-director Joe Russo gave this eyebrow-raising reply:

“Is it …? Where’s [unit publicist John Pisani]? I can’t remember if we – Captain Marvel on set, is that official? If it’s not, it’s official now. I think Captain Marvel had a great outfit.”

Despite this, the Russos said at 2017’s San Diego Comic-Con that Carol would categorically not be part of Infinity War. What we can gather, then, is that that the character was involved in the movie at one point but plans changed over time. Perhaps her appearance in the team-up film clashed with the direction Captain Marvel ended up going in?

Either way, has now confirmed it, telling us that Brie Larson’s hero will be held back for the following year’s Avengers 4 instead. This confirmation apparently comes straight from Disney, too, in an attempt to clarify the Russo’s conflicting comments from last year. As such, audiences will now meet Carol the old-fashioned way, in her very own film arriving March 8th, 2019, before she turns up again in May 3rd’s fourth Avengers movie.

Infinity War, meanwhile, lands on April 27th.

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