Captain Marvel’s Brie Larson Has The Perfect Response To YouTube Trolls


Before Captain Marvel crash-landed into theaters (earning a cool $1.1 billion in the process), a very vocal corner of the Internet took umbrage at Brie Larson.

In their echo chambers, said YouTubers attempted to ‘review bomb’ Captain Marvel and essentially sink the film’s chances of success… to no avail. The box office numbers really speak for themselves, and it’s abundantly clear that both Disney and Marvel Studios have full faith in Brie Larson and her continued future in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. And in Marvel’s TV arm, too, given that she’s expected to cameo in the Ms. Marvel spinoff series.

So, when Variety caught up with Larson for a deep-dive feature on all things Captain Marvel, the outlet naturally asked Larson about the online blowback against her on-screen heroine and, well, her reply was nothing short of perfect.

Variety: There are horrible comics fans who were rooting against it, because it had a woman lead character, and because of your politics. People made YouTube videos about wanting the movie to bomb.

Larson: They did? Oh. I didn’t even know.

It’s a quote that would put you in mind of Thanos in Avengers: Endgame. Confronted by the enraged Scarlet Witch, a visibly pissed-off Wanda utters “you took everything from me,” to which the Mad Titan replies, “I don’t even know who you are.”

Frankly, YouTubers can bash Brie Larson’s Captain Marvel from now until doomsday; it’s all falling on deaf ears. The Oscar-winning actress is perfectly comfortable at the forefront of the MCU, and while Marvel Studios has yet to announce a full-blown sequel to her billion-dollar solo film, you can bet the Powers That Be are already making arrangements for Carol’s big-screen return. Ditto for Black Panther, who didn’t feature in the SDCC announcement, either.

Source: Variety