Captain Marvel Calls Out The Movie’s Trolls In New Avengers Comic


Before Captain Marvel debuted in cinemas around the world (going on to earn a cool $1.1 billion in the process), a very vocal corner of the Internet placed a target on Brie Larson. And they were relentless in their campaign against her.

These online trolls tried their best to ‘review bomb’ Captain Marvel in the hope that it would sink the film’s chances at the box office. Of course, they were totally unsuccessful in their efforts and the numbers really speak for themselves, showing everyone that Carol Danvers’ MCU debut, while not hugely memorable, was still a solid first solo outing for the heroine that cemented her place as one of the franchise’s new leads moving forward.

And now, just to show that she’s the one with the last laugh, Captain Marvel has taken a shot at all those trolls in the pages of Avengers #29. Seen below, the comic sees the team battling against the Heralds of Galactus. Carol, in particular, is taking on Firelord and drops a cheeky reference that should make sense to most MCU fans.

For those who haven’t clued in, upon making her debut in the franchise, Larson was criticized for portraying the hero as too serious and too grim, with the trolls crying out that she needed to smile more. Of course, the actress herself has since responded to these criticisms in her own clever way, and now Marvel has taken a shot at the haters as well via Avengers #29.

Of course, even despite all the controversy that continues to swirl around Larson and her portrayal of the heroine, it seems the studio has full faith in her to lead their cinematic universe into Phase 4 and beyond. Indeed, we already know that Captain Marvel 2 is in early development and with Carol said to be popping up in various other films and TV shows as well to rub shoulders with some of the other characters before her second solo outing, it seems that the haters will just have to get used to having her around.