The MCU’s Most Powerful Hero Rises In New HD Pics For Captain Marvel


Carol Danvers! Intergalactic warfare! The one-eyed Nick Fury! It can only be next year’s standalone Captain Marvel movie, which is all set to light the fuse on what will certainly be a blockbuster lineup of superhero content.

But before the likes of Disney and Fox pump out Avengers: Endgame, Spider-Man: Far From Home and the long-delayed Dark Phoenix, 2019 kicks off with Captain Marvel, a film destined to make history regardless of the box office numbers. Which is to say that Ryan Fleck and Anna Boden’s female-fronted spinoff is the first Marvel movie to be headlined by a woman. And what a woman she is.

Played by the inimitable Brie Larson, below you’ll find a smattering of ultra HD Captain Marvel photos designed to bring you that little bit closer to the legend herself. Expect to see close-up shots of Carol Danvers kitted out in her Kree uniform, while there are also numerous callbacks to her time on Earth, when she was little more than an Air Force pilot operating out of Nevada.

Feast thy eyes:

Truth be told, most, if not all of these shots have been pulled from the original Captain Marvel trailer, but there are one or two newbies thrown in for good measure. Case in point: the behind-the-scenes still of Brie Larson and Samuel L. Jackson (Fury) sharing a laugh between takes, which only goes to remind everyone about the cinematic camaraderie that helped launch the MCU into the stratosphere.

And it all begins with her. March 8th is the date for your diaries, by which point Captain Marvel will be playing across theaters near and far. The excitement, as they say, is palpable.

Source: CBM