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‘Captain Marvel’ hidden end credits detail reveals Carol Danvers’ most impressive MCU feat yet

It always pays to pay attention.

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Is Captain Marvel the most powerful hero in the MCU? That’s the question Marvel fans have been debating ever since Brie Larson blasted into the franchise way back in 2019. Honestly, the answer is a pretty straightforward one — of course, she is! Did you watch her terrify Thanos in Avengers: Endgame? — but Carol Danvers’ diehard haters have always resisted giving her the throne. The hidden significance of Captain Marvel’s credits, however, may just put the matter beyond all argument.

As one Danvers defender pointed out on X (formerly known as Twitter), “I just realized that the end credits of Captain Marvel shows how Carol goes inside a black hole.” Yes, for those who either haven’t seen Larson’s solo movie for a while or have never paid close attention to the credits, the animated sequence is supposed to depict what Carol does next after the events of the film, which includes launching herself inside a black hole.

VFX supervisor Chris Kaestner has even confirmed that this sequence is indeed intended to “take place within her canonical timeline” and the only ambiguity is when it occurs, not if.

Needless to say, blasting her way through a black hole and coming out the other side is an incredible feat that’s got to be up there with Carol’s most impressive displays of cosmic power. We’ve never even seen Thor do something like that, and it’s up for debate whether he would be able to endure the experience in the same way that Carol apparently can.

No doubt The Captain will pull off even more amazing achievements in this November’s The Marvels, and we may also want to keep a close eye on the credits for any further feats of fearlessness too.

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