Captain Marvel Art Reveals First Look At Carol In The Classic Red And Blue Helmet


At the start of this year, there was still some uncertainty around the issue of whether Captain Marvel would see Carol Danvers in her somewhat divisive helmet from the comic books. In retrospect, it seems perhaps inevitable that the headwear was a go, seeing how in-air battles are likely a fair bit easier to CGI when you’re not having to capture your hero’s full facial features, but the prop’s inclusion was confirmed once and for all when the film’s first trailer dropped back in September.

But while that teaser only showed the MCU’s most powerful hero wearing the accessory as part of her Kree Starforce suit, these new images that come courtesy of MCU Cosmic give us a look at the helmet’s red-and-blue equivalent for her classic costume. The illustrations will reportedly be available as prints from Pyramid America at the end of February, with pre-orders beginning next week.

It must be said, these are some pretty nice designs, but these days, the fans are starting to get a little impatient for some more actual footage from Carol’s franchise debut. In the same MCU Cosmic post, Jeremy Conrad speculates that the next trailer might not be coming our way until mid-January. If so, then disappointment is imminent for those who previously predicted that a promo could be dropping as soon as December 8th at Brazil’s CCXP.

Either way, the internet is still yielding a fair amount of material on the upcoming flick, including some recent pics of Clark Gregg as the young Phil Coulson on the set for some reshoots. But while photos and illustrations will do just fine for now, the real thing comes with the release of Captain Marvel on March 8th, 2019.