More Captain Marvel Promo Art Shows Carol In Her Classic Costume


Following on the heels of those red-and-blue helmet illustrations shared a few days ago, we now have a new batch of Captain Marvel promo art which show off the MCU’s most powerful hero in her classic costume.

With various merchandise for Marvel Studios’ next movie soon becoming available for pre-order, we’re starting to get a better feel for how Brie Larson’s character is going to be sold to us, with one image – seemingly on the cover of a diary or notebook – showing Carol Danvers as resolute, strong-minded, and ready for the fight, while a few jets fly behind her just for emphasis.

Another of these artworks was actually leaked to the public earlier this year, but it’s worth getting a second look at the glowing orange of Captain Marvel’s hands, along with her spacey background. Lastly, we have what appears to be a logo for the character, in which our hero is looking pretty Christ-like with her hands and head radiating light as she makes her ascent.

Overall, it’s a nice set of images, even if they don’t have a whole lot of new info to offer. Either way, this last week or so has proven fairly fruitful when it comes to Captain Marvel material, with set photos from the movie’s LA reshoots giving us a few more glimpses of Carol in her alternate Kree outfit, not to mention further pics of Clark Gregg as a young Phil Coulson.

All the same, the fans would be pretty grateful if Marvel Studios ever thought to throw us a second trailer. The predictions for when that footage could drop have ranged from December 8th at Brazil’s CCXP to mid-January, but one date that we can be sure of is the release of Captain Marvel on March 8th, 2019.