New Captain Marvel Promo Confirms Tomorrow’s Big Trailer


Marvel fans are currently bracing themselves for what very well could be the biggest week of the year. At least, the biggest week since Infinity War hit theaters. And that’s because we’ve got three massive trailers headed our way.

First up is Captain Marvel, which we were told just a few hours ago was set to debut during Monday Night Football. As of yet, the studio hasn’t confirmed this, but a quick promo has now surfaced over on Twitter which offers all the confirmation we need.

You can check it out for yourself up above and though it doesn’t offer much in the way of footage from the film itself, it does at least assure us that the next preview for Carol Danvers’ standalone outing will be here in roughly 24 hours. And how exciting is that, eh?

Undoubtedly, fans would prefer we got our first look at Avengers 4 before another glimpse at Captain Marvel, but that’ll be here soon enough, too. As mentioned above, three trailers are on the way this week and the second one will be for the Infinity War sequel. And after that? Well, it seems a new preview for The Avengers Project will debut at The Game Awards on Thursday, rounding out what’s going to be an incredible week for fans.

And it all gets underway tomorrow night, when Carol Danvers takes to the skies for what’s sure to be an exciting look at Marvel’s first release of 2019. There’s a lot of pressure on Captain Marvel to deliver, and a lot of hype surrounding her big screen debut, but something tells us we’ve got nothing to worry about here. Just in case you’re still feeling a bit on the fence though, be sure to check back here tomorrow night as we’ll have that trailer for you as soon as it lands.