Captain Marvel Trailer To Fly Online Monday Night


Once November had come and gone with no sign of the highly anticipated Avengers 4 trailer, a new report surfaced earlier this weekend alleging that these next few days will see Marvel Studios making up for a relatively dry period with a one-two punch of new footage, with the first teaser for the Avengers: Infinity War sequel said to be arriving on Monday, followed by another Captain Marvel trailer on Wednesday. But if the words of frequent tipster John Campea are anything to go by, it seems that those previous claims may have got the two dates the wrong way round.

The blogger took to Twitter today with the message that the “New Captain Marvel trailer is airing tomorrow night at halftime of the Monday Night Football game,” which was previously rumored to be the slot in which the Avengers 4 trailer was playing. When one commenter brought up this contradictory intel, Campea insisted that his own prediction is “a fact.”

Of course, just because Campea says it’s a fact, that doesn’t make it so, but he’s far from the only source to relay reports that we’re now moving into a big week for Marvel, so here’s hoping there’s no smoke without fire.

Though the release date of the next Captain Marvel trailer hasn’t been the subject of nearly as much speculation as the Avengers 4 equivalent, there’ve still been a few predictions making the rounds already, including the theory that the footage might premiere at CCXP on December 8th. Obviously, this suggestion can soon be ruled out if Monday turns out to be the correct date, but the new trailer would at least give Brie Larson something to talk about when she attends the Brazil event.

In any case, we’ll find out soon enough if Campea’s claim is legit, but with Captain Marvel scheduled to hit theaters on March 8th, 2019, it isn’t too long now before we can see Carol Danvers’ first MCU adventure in full.