Captain Marvel Star Brie Larson Wants Kamala Khan In The Sequel


We’re still a full three weeks out from Captain Marvel‘s theatrical release, and yet, the Internet is abuzz with talk of Brie Larson and, more specifically, her bright future within the MCU.

Amid talk of a seven-picture deal for the actress, who is now surely the newfound figurehead of Marvel’s cinematic franchise, Larson has gone on record to name her ideal addition to the seemingly inevitable Captain Marvel 2. Much to the surprise of no one, the MCU newcomer told attendees at a recent Marvel press conference in Asia that she’d like to see Carol Danvers rub shoulders with Kamala Khan, the costumed crusader otherwise known as Ms. Marvel.

You can catch Brie Larson’s response down below:

We should stress that just because Brie Larson name-drops Kamala Khan in a Captain Marvel presser doesn’t necessarily mean she’s a shoo-in for the sequel. Marvel Studios boss Kevin Feige has already gone on record about his desire to spin out a solo movie for Ms. Marvel, given her comic book legacy, so it remains to be seen whether she’ll actually make her debut when Captain Marvel 2.0 rolls around, or remain in the wings until such a time as Marvel is ready to launch a standalone film with Khan’s name on it.

After all, Feige and his affiliates have gone on record numerous times about their shared vision for Marvel’s Phase 4 – more diversity and LGBTQ representation, beginning with a spinoff movie for Black Widow. Perhaps Kamala Khan will follow suit? She’s only one of Marvel’s most popular characters, so it’s really a question of when, rather than if, we’ll see Ms. Marvel on the big screen.

Meanwhile, closer to home, Captain Marvel finally takes flight on March 8th.

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