Captain Marvel Turns The Tables On Thanos In Epic Avengers 4 Fan Art


Though Avengers: Infinity War left us on a pretty grim note, the Marvel mega-hit offered a ray of hope in the form of a last-minute teaser for the arrival of Captain Marvel. It’s therefore expected that Carol Danvers will play a key role in next year’s Avengers 4, prompting a few artistically minded fans to offer their own personal interpretations of how exactly the star of the upcoming Captain Marvel will turn the tide in the fight against Thanos.

We’ve already seen Brie Larson’s character deliver a brutal punch through the chest of the Mad Titan, and now, with this new image, the shoe is well and truly on the other foot – well, the gauntlet, that is.

This recent work from illustrator Raikchak Reang recreates the dusting effect by which Thanos erased half of all life from the universe. This time, however, it’s the purple despot who’s suffering this terrible fate at the hands of Captain Marvel. While it’s unclear how Carol managed to nab the Infinity Gauntlet from the intergalactic conqueror, we at least know that not only has she saved the universe, but she also won’t be catching the same flak from viewers that Star-Lord did when he failed in attempting the same trick.

Of course, this is just one fan’s fantasy at this point, and with the first Captain Marvel trailer probably at least a month or two away from dropping, we’re sure pinning a lot of our hopes on a character that we’ve yet to see in action. Nonetheless, with Carol expected to take the lead in Marvel’s Phase 4, you can imagine that Avengers 4 will give the character plenty to do while still hopefully giving a satisfying send-off to the Phase 1 heroes when the film finally drops on May 3rd, 2019.