Captain Marvel’s Introduction In Avengers: Endgame Was Almost Very Different


Following her debut in her solo movie back in March, Captain Marvel encountered Earth’s Mightiest Heroes for the first time in Avengers: EndgameThough she didn’t have as big a role as we had hoped for in the film, Carol Danvers helped them in ways no other superhero could. For one, she’s the reason Tony Stark and Nebula survived, rescuing them from deep space when the Benatar ran out of fuel.

This moment serves as the heroine’s introduction in the sequel, but it could have been handled slightly differently. In the audio commentary track for Endgame, director Joe Russo and co-writer Stephen McFeely discuss how Carol’s identity as Stark and Nebula’s savior was originally going to be held back until she arrived with the ship on Earth. However, they ultimately discarded the notion.

“We felt like it was not a successful reveal,” Joe briefly explained as to why the idea was abandoned.

“The idea would be that there’d be orange light on Tony’s face,” McFeely said as he summed up how it might’ve played out. “He’d see something, the audience wouldn’t see it.”

You can see why the filmmakers might’ve wanted to hold back the reveal a little longer, to increase the audience’s hype just that little bit extra and to create a minor bit of mystery over who had rescued the pair. However, that shot of Carol from Tony’s point of view, with her bathed in glowing light deliberately borrowing from angelic imagery, is such a hopeful moment. With someone of Danvers’ power levels in the mix, the audience starts to think that maybe the Avengers can turn this around and actually save the day.

Avengers: Endgame is now available to purchase on Digital HD, complete with various special features including deleted scenes and bloopers. It’ll be released on DVD/Blu-Ray from August 13th.