Captain Marvel’s Next MCU Appearance Has Been Revealed


It hasn’t been that long since we’ve seen Carol Danvers, but fans are already looking forward to the next time they get to watch Captain Marvel kicking butt. Unfortunately, however, it may be a while before they get to do so as according to our sources, the superhero’s next appearance in the franchise won’t come for a few more years.

Yes, the same industry insiders who told us about the Ms. Marvel TV show a week before it was officially announced are now letting us know that Captain Marvel’s cameo in the Disney Plus series will be the next time she’s featured in the MCU. There’s a solid chance that this is going to make ignorant fanboys’ tiny brains explode, too.

Given how much they hate Brie Larson already, adding her to a show that’s anchored by a Muslim woman is definitely going to send them into a tailspin. They’re either going to have to finally get with the program or stop supporting Marvel because this is the way the franchise is going to be from now on. Like it or not.

President of the studio, Kevin Feige, said earlier this year that diversity and representation are the future of the MCU. It started with Black Panther, continued with Captain Marvel and now, it’s really showing in Phase 4.

While Ms. Marvel is going to be a huge step forward for the studio, it definitely won’t be the last. The Eternals is expected to smash through all types of boundaries and stereotypes by being the first Marvel movie to prominently feature an openly gay character, as well as the MCU’s first deaf superhero.

As for Carol Danvers, though, Larson has long been campaigning for more diversity and representation in the Marvel Cinematic Universe and now she’s going to be a part of a show that highlights an oft-overlooked segment of the population. Not only will the television event be historic for Marvel, but it’ll also be a crowning achievement for Hollywood as well as the Muslim community as a whole. As such, the Captain Marvel actress should be proud of the change she helped inspire.