Carla Gugino Has Her Eyes Set On A DC Movie Role



The cast and crew of new disaster flick San Andreas seem mighty interested in the burgeoning DC Cinematic Universe. Dwayne Johnson is already signed on to star as Black Adam in Shazam, director Brad Peyton has expressed his interest in helming the next Superman movie and now, Carla Gugino has tossed her hat into the ring.

Gugino has technically already appeared in a DC film, as she voiced Kryptonian artificial intelligence Kelor in Man of Steel. She’s also no stranger to comic book adaptations, with roles in both Watchmen and Sin City. Still, the actress has her sights on the DCCU and recently spoke about her desire to work with Snyder once more in a new interview with Digital Spy:

“Interviewer: Do you have any ambitions now that [Snyder is] kinda the head of the DC Movie Universe to appear on screen and play a superhero?

Gugino: I mean, let me tell you something. Absolutely. Well, first of all I would go anywhere with Zack Snyder. To do any movie with him and Debbie… And I think the DC world – uh – I’ve now become quite an explorer of graphic novels, with Sin City as well. And obviously Sucker Punch was very graphic novel influenced, so I think DC needs to be next on my list.”

I’m personally a big fan of Gugino and was disappointed when Snyder didn’t cast her as Lois Lane in Man of Steel. So, I would definitely love to see her join the ranks of the DCCU. As far as who she could play at this point (Catwoman, maybe?), Gugino herself isn’t even sure:

“Interviewer: Do you have your characters picked out?

Gugino: You know it’s so funny you ask I was just thinking, “Who is the one I thought to play…?”

Tell us, who would you like to see Gugino play in the DCCU? Let us know in the comments below.

Source: Digital Spy

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