Carol Danvers Goes Higher, Further, Faster In New Captain Marvel Promo


Marvel Studios has managed to sneak in one last promo before the year is out in the form of a 14-second Captain Marvel video, and while the preview doesn’t offer much in the way of new footage, it’s still a stylish enough teaser to ensure fans will be ending 2018 more pumped than ever.

The video consists of Carol Danvers in her classic red-and-blue outfit posing next to a series of comparatives that should at least tickle the fancy of any Daft Punk fans out there (“Higher, Further, Faster”), before Brie Larson is seen blasting off into space. The official Captain Marvel Twitter account shared this promo along with the following question:

“Are you ready, 2019? #CaptainMarvel”

Regardless of whether 2019 is ready for Captain Marvel, it’s clear that Captain Marvel is ready for 2019, with the film’s promotional campaign moving into the New Year with a legion of fans in its camp.

Charting well on various Most Anticipated Movies of 2019 lists, the feature sent the internet into a frenzy of excitement with its first preview back in September, before doing it all over again this month with its second trailer. What’s more, Marvel Studios isn’t done bringing us new footage quite yet, with ESPN set to broadcast an “exclusive look” at the upcoming film on Monday, January 7th, during the College Football Playoff National Championship game.

No doubt the fans will soon have a little more footage to scrutinize, but whatever advanced material is headed our way, you can bet that Captain Marvel will be saving its biggest secrets for when it hits theaters on March 8th. After that, we’ll find out if 2019 is ready for an even more hyped-up MCU event when Avengers: Endgame comes out on April 26th.