The Internet Reacts To The First Captain Marvel Trailer


Earlier this morning, Marvel nearly broke the internet when they dropped the very first trailer for Captain Marvel. Ever since EW’s big blowout of photos, plot details and more earlier this month, fans have beyond eager to see some footage from the upcoming release and let’s just say that what the studio gave us did not disappoint.

Though it was a bit on the short side, the preview was packed with intriguing teases of what’s to come while firmly establishing Carol Danvers as one of the MCU’s most exciting characters – even from just the brief bit of footage we saw of her. Not only that, but there were also glimpses of a young Phil Coulson and Nick Fury, along with some hints at the titular hero’s wild powers and abilities.

All in all, it was a perfect first look at the film and now, the internet’s reacted. As expected, fans are loving what they saw of Captain Marvel and below, you’ll find a few reactions that sum up what folks are thinking.

In case you’re not fully up to speed yet, Carol Danvers is an air force pilot whose DNA is fused with that of an extra-terrestrial following a near-death experience. This gives her incredible powers and Marvel boss Kevin Feige has already gone on record to say that Carol is about to become the strongest member of the Avengers roster – presumably at the expense of Hulk and Thor.

Meanwhile, here’s how co-director Anna Boden described her cosmic hero a while back:

This is not a superhero who’s perfect or otherworldly or has some godlike connection. But what makes her special is just how human she is. She’s funny, but doesn’t always tell good jokes. And she can be headstrong and reckless and doesn’t always make the perfect decisions for herself. But at her core, she has so much heart and so much humanity — and all of its messiness.

It’s becoming increasingly clear that the arrival of Carol Danvers will lead to some major changes within the Marvel Cinematic Universe, which is all the more interesting when you remember that Captain Marvel will be releasing in close proximity to Avengers 4. Will she become the team’s last line of hope against the Mad Titan? It’s nigh on certain, particularly if her alien powers far exceed those of Earth’s Mightiest Heroes – or, should we say, what’s left of them.