10 New Captain Marvel Photos Reveal The Skrulls, Nick Fury And More


You’ve seen the set photos and the Entertainment Weekly cover, but now it’s time for the promotion for the upcoming Captain Marvel movie to be kicked up to a whole other level, with EW delivering a generous assortment of revelatory first look photos from the MCU’s next installment.

There’s a lot riding on Carol Danvers’ first big screen outing, with the superhero set to take the lead in Marvel’s Phase 4. To speed up the process, EW reports that Captain Marvel will already have her formidable powers when the film begins, freeing her up to join the elite military team Starforce. You can see the line-up for the team in the gallery below, which also includes Korath of Guardians of the Galaxy fame and Gemma Chan’s character Minn-Erva.

When it comes to earthlier matter, we can also see Brie Larson in casual street clothing (who knew Carol was a Nine Inch Nails fan?), along with a de-aged Nick Fury and Lashana Lynch as Maria Rambeau. But of course, what’s a superhero without a few villains?

The ruthless Ronan the Accuser – another Guardians alumnus – can be glimpsed alongside Jude Law as Mar-Vell in one of the images, but more revealing are the shots of the shape-shifting, green-skinned Skrulls. Ben Mendelsohn will be playing Talos, the leader of this villainous army, and is seen here in both his natural state and his deceptive human form.

Overall, it’s a pretty sweet batch of pics which give a much better idea of the colorful world that the multi-costumed heroine will be introducing us to next year. Though we’re still not sure when exactly the first Captain Marvel trailer will be arriving, you can expect plenty more updates before the film’s highly anticipated release on March 8th, 2019.